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Soundproof Floor Basics

It is important to plan ahead if you want to keep sound from getting out of a new room setting, as the process to isolate the room must be done as construction begins - it's best to install Sound Isolation Products before any wall framing has begun. While we can work with rooms with existing framing in place, there is a noticeable drop in performance in these situations. Please contact us, or call #866-243-1001 toll free regarding your room and we will be happy to work with you to find the best sound isolation solution for your setting. Improvements in Room Acoustics, however, are done after the room is completed with our Fabric Walls, Acoustic Panels, Seating Riser Bass Traps and 4" Acoustic Front Walls. Room Acoustics, or Room Tuning, which makes the room sound great, is quite a different process than Sound Isolation, which keeps sound in.

Floor Isolation - Acoustical Sound Absorbing Subflooring

The first issue to deal with to isolate a room from other room areas in a home is floor-borne vibration. As sub-woofers usually sit directly on the floor, in addition to main speakers also being located there, this is a major source of sound transmission to other rooms through the framing structure. Wood floors are good sound transmitters, but you would be surprised at how much sound concrete can transmit, as well. Carpeting helps some, but in order to both quiet the floor and also de-couple it from the wall framing, Sound Control for your Floors, such as our Floor Isolation Underlayment mats, is required. This helps stop energy from getting into the studs, which will stop sound transmission not only to adjacent rooms, but also to areas above the room. The entire floor, especially under the wall framing, needs underlayment treatment.

FEATURES: Effective sound control
APPLICATIONS: Sound control floor underlayment. Homes, offices, condos, home theaters and sound rooms
ROLL SIZE: 4' x 25' - Sold in full rolls
COLOR: Black
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E-84 Flame spread 83; Smoke developed: 315
INSTALLATION: Adhesive Required

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