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Functional, Attractive Room Treatment Acoustic Panels
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Framed Designer Fabric Acoustic Panels: will help you with common sense panel applications that will vastly improve your sound system's performance - plus add stylish decor to your room. Our product experts are also able to help you with more sophisticated room treatment analysis and improved sound recommendations, including much better bass response.

Our 2" Deep Wood Framed Acoustic Panels are available with  unfinished wood frames (ready to paint or stain), or affordable black painted frames - contact us for details. Combine frames with our designer fabrics and you have a great combination of form and functional sound quality improvement.

framed acoustic panels

Easy-mount Impaler Clips (see below) with Permanent Adhesive Included, or choose Permanent Adhesive with Quick-Spray Adhesive


Framed Acoustic Panels

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CineCoustic™ Framed Room Acoustic Panels - call for quantity deals , custom and large sizes.
2 Inch Deep Framed Fiberglass Panels with Resin Reinforced Edges and Designer Fabric - our low discount prices include metal impaler clips with permanent adhesive, but instead, we can include permanent adhesive along with a quick set spray adhesive to make mounting easy, if preferred.  As these are custom manufactured products, pre-payment is required and there are no returns for refund or exchange. Contact us or call toll free #866-243-1001 for pricing, larger package price deals and for pay by check discount pricing. The panels take about 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture - contact us for production times.

Call Toll Free #866-243-1001 and ask about our CineCoustic™ Products
Our system designer has almost 40 years in consumer electronics, has designed countless high end home theaters, has trained many custom installation salespeople and installation technicians and has completed advanced training in THX room setup and room acoustic solutions at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch. We also have one of the most experienced expert acoustical consultants available for bigger and more complex jobs.

Acoustic Panel Fabric Materials and Colors

Note: Colors will vary from screen to screen, call us for actual fabric swatch samples for an exact color match - 866-243-1001.

Anchorage Fabric Facing Colors for Acoustic Panels

Click for larger samples.

Red Delicious Onyx Slate Amber Pumpkin Pine Needle
Midnight Quarry Blue Wolf Willow Straw Angora
Aubergine Mulberry Cobalt Eucalyptus Green Olive Goose
Cumin Deep Water Henna Asteroid Sea Vanilla
Graphite Sunshine Coffee Bean Geranium Thistle Green Apple
Goldenrod Poppy Fossil Lapis Birch  


FR701 Fabric Facing Colors for Acoustic Panels

Click for larger samples.

Wheat Wedgewood Baltic Crystal Blue Grey Mix Medium Grey
Quartz Aquamarine Rose Quartz Opal Cherry Neutral Apricot Neutral
Green Neutral Vanilla Neutral Blue Neutral Black Silver Neutral Lavendar Neutral
Claret Accent Cinnabar Pumice Amethyst Buff Blue Spruce
Eucalyptus Ultramarine Sienna Pearl Bayberry Chrome Green
Bleu Papier Bronze Silver Papier Blue Plum Verte Papier Deep Burgundy
Straw Bone Dune Cement Mix Terra Lilac
Violet Light Moss Leaf Lake Stream Desert Sand

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